Hallo ihr Lieben,

heute, zum 4. Advent, dürfen wir euch unseren ersten und einzigen englischen Post präsentieren!


Hier ein paar Informationen zum Autor Jan W. und seinem Werk:

Warum hat Jan an diesem Projekt teilgenommen?

„Weil ihr mich voll nett gefragt habt.“


Was hat ihm daran besonders gefallen?

„Die Herausforderung die 10 doch sehr unterschiedlichen Wörter sinnvoll einzubauen.“


Wo gab es Schwierigkeiten?

„ich auf meinen faulen Arsch zu setzen und endlich mal was zu schreiben :).“


Wie sahen die ersten Schritte aus?

„Sehr viel Prokrastination, leider.“


Wie lange hat er an seinem Text gearbeitet?

„Alles in allem ca. 7h.“


Der Beitrag in einem Satz:

„Ein „Kind“-heits Traum wird wahr.“


Was möchte uns Jan sonst noch über sein Werk mitteilen?

„Jeder der spezielle Fragen an den Künstler hat kann sich gerne an mich wenden.“


Und wie immer der Text als Kopie:

10 words project

He is wandering alone in the moonlit night. Nobody is around and nothing except for a few traffic lights reminding him of civilization. All in all he can still not grasp what has happened during the past days.

It began four days ago, he had been an hour early and wandered aimlessly around the convention center. He has always been careful of what to bring to such an important event; pen, paper, a drink, something to eat, cash and most important of it all: His deck. This particular time he has checked the contents of his deck box three times before he left his hotel room yet did it again upon arrival at the site. Nothing had gone missing. He was incredibly nervous as the first round began, what deck would he face? Who would be his opponent? It was for certain that the best players of the world gathered this week, it was the world championship after all, but some players are stronger than others and having a good start certainly is a confidence booster.

As the pairings were posted he couldn’t believe his eyes; he knew this name, everybody knew it, he was about to face one of the best in the game. He started trembling and as he sat down at his assigned seat he took out his deck so clumsily that he spilled it all over the table. He went red with shame, barely managed to get out an apology, tried to compose himself and started off the match against that person who has been his idol for as long as he played the game. The match itself was uneventful; he was crushed, quite literally. His opponent has never given him a chance and after ten minutes it has already been over. The rest of the one hour long round-time he just sat there in shock and wondered if coming here was a good idea after all. The second round went similarly to the first and he was down 0-2 already. Devastated even the soothing words of his friends didn’t help, he felt terrible, worn out and wanted to go home. Nevertheless he continued playing the third round. Apparently his opponent was in the same shape as he was. He actually managed to play reasonably and won by playing better than his opponent. That victory gave him new hope and he looked forward to prove himself and everyone that he was indeed in the right place. The next two rounds were uneventful fights between similar decks which luckily were both won. Confident again he looked to close out the first day with a positive score. Having won 3 rounds in a row he faced someone having lost the last two rounds. Confidence clearly was the deciding factor, he could out decide his opponent and close out the day with a decent score.

During the night he looked back on his 4-2 score and nonetheless couldn’t help but think about the first rounds. He knew that both of his opponents were great players and stood at the top of the leaderboard. It didn’t help much. Looking back on his plays made him angry and even until late in the night he couldn’t find sleep, in part because he was anticipating the next day featuring another format and in part because he should have done better earlier that day.

The second day went by. Sleep deprived he found the strategy of his deck working out perfectly. It has proven resilient against the plethora of other decks and he maneuvered it towards a perfect 6-0 score at the end of the day. He even was invited to an interview concerning his choice of cards and the event in general. It was a huge honor, he has seen so many of these the years past with all of the best players and now he was in their place. He did not dare imagining what was possible if the third day went well. With a 10-2 score he was high in the current standings and another good run means that the final day where the top eight finishers battled over the title was in reach. This day he fell asleep with a huge smile on his face.

The third day meant yet another format, his worst of the three. He knew, especially with his current score, that his enemies are stronger and more experienced. Additionally another two losses meant that his Cinderella story ends here. In long and drawn out matches he pushed ahead winning the first two rounds leaving him in an excellent position. The next round he was degraded to a mere bystander by his opponent. Left without a chance he could do nothing but face defeat. The round after his mind was still occupied with the last round. Needless to say that this hurt his game and due to a massive mistake he lost the first game of the match. To win the round he needed to win two back to back games. A win was necessary if he wanted to make the top 8. He felt as if he slipped off a cliff, that high mountain he climbed over the preceding days. There was only one option, shaking off the past games and doing his best. To his own surprise, he managed turning the game around and took the match. The unthinkable in reach and so close the remaining rounds went by quickly and it felt like a dream. Thinking back on the last two matches there has been nothing special about them, it played out just like the games at home against his friends. He auto piloted himself into the final 8 winning these last games in overwhelming fashion.

After the day has concluded, he couldn’t grasp that he was coming back to play for the title. Even when he sat down at his spot for the quarterfinal with all the lights and cameras pointing at him it didn’t feel like the right spot for him. He always has been one of the thousands sitting in front of the PC watching the live-coverage. Now he sat at the other end of it. Without much hesitation the match started. The matches of the final eight are held in his favorite format. With his favorite deck it just might be possible to eke out a win. The first game in this best of five series seemed to last an eternity but in the end he overthrew his opponent and took the lead. The decks made for an excruciatingly long match in which he played to best of his abilities and afterwards claimed a spot in the semifinals. With a lucky draw and a favorable matchup the semifinal went by in the manner of one of the thousands of test games he had done before the start of the tournament. That meant that he fighting for it all, for the grand price, for all the glory.

The final challenge proved to be an extraordinary one. His opponent was the same he already faced the very first round. Star struck once again he couldn’t help but feel powerless remembering that very first match and its outcome. Needless to say that the first game went horrible. He made an early mistake and never came back. The second game didn’t go as bad but the result was the same. Being down 0-2 with his back to the wall he lost all hope. Exacerbated by all the cameras and lights he felt nude and powerless. To his surprise in the third game something remarkable happened, his opponent faced a terrible draw and he shortened the lead to a 1-2. Catching that glimmer of hope in and envisioning a great comeback helped him through the fourth game. It was a long and hard-fought battle and finally he evened the match. Feeling connected with his deck, empowered by the last two games and the cheering of the crowd the last game commenced. It went back and forth, nobody ever claimed a lead to close it all out he manages to outplay his year-long idol to take down the championship and the first place trophy.

The Cinderella story came true. The dream became reality. The feeling is overwhelming. Even with all the shaking hands and the interviews, even posing with the trophy everything feels so unreal. Next year he will attend the world championship again and defend his title. He smiles and thinks to himself: I just love this game.