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What happens to the same words in the hands of different people?
How many variations of stories, songs, poems can arise?
How many similarities and differences will we discover?
How many people will delight us with their texts?

These questions will be addressed in our 10words project!


Join and be a part of the writing adventure of the year!

On the 10th of August our 10words project, a writing adventure for everyone, will start. Be part of it and create your own design, based on 10 predefined terms.

The aim is to follow your own associations. It thereby does not matter whether you want to create a story, a poem, a song, a newspaper article or even a painting. Every thinkable form of text is possible as long as the prescribed 10 words are contained therein – otherwise you can give free reign to your imagination.

This project it is not about writing a new best seller. The plan is to soak up the 10 words and to watch how they unfold when brought to paper.

I’m in! What about the formal stuff?

On September 1st, we will send you the 10words, and a detailed description of the process. From this day forward you have 3 months to bring these 10 words into any shape.

Closing date of your draft is the 10th of December.

From November on, the results of all the participants will be published online gradually, so we can all admire the diversity of 10 words in the hands of different people.

I want to join – what should I do?

Just fill in the registration form under „Registration“ until the 30th of  August or send us an email to! We look forward to hearing from you!



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