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10 words – 3 months – creativity abound

We are delighted to see that you decided to join our project. After registration (until August 30th) you will receive the 10 words by e-mail. After receiving the mail you will have 3 months to shape these 10 words to your liking. You can write a story, a newspaper article, or a poem – you could even write a play, if you feel like doing so. No matter what any text is possible. And when we say text, we mean anything that can be put on paper in any way – with or without words!


1. Fill in your questionnaire (which you will receive with your 10 words). The information that is provided with an * are mandatory. You decide which information will be published.

2. If you choose to write a text, the minimum length is at least 5,000 characters incl. spaces (this is about 1 A4 page in font size 12) – poems, songs, etc. are not bound to character specifications.

3. Font size, line spacing, etc. is up to you.

4. The 10 given words must be highlighted in any way (for example, by underlining).

5. The closing date is the 10th of December – An extension of time will be allowed in exceptional cases.

If you have any questions send us an e-Mail to!

We thank you for your participation and look forward to your designs!

Best regards,

your 10words Team